Mandy Staple lives in Somerset and has been doing pyrography for the last five years as a hobby, after getting hooked on it from visiting a woodland craft fair.

Having learnt the techniques of wood burning from an excellent teacher, and combining her love of the natural world she has gone on to produce these stunning and beautiful images. For her wood burning she uses all locally sourced material wherever possible – and has a large varied range of woods to work on including yew, ash, elm, lacewood, birch, poplar and sycamore. Spalted woods are also wonderful to use for their natural markings that occur as fungi break down the wood as it rots.

Mandy is an active member of the Dorset Coppice Group whose aim is to raise the profile of coppiced woodland and the products it produces – and she is also a member of the Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen’s Group too. She can be found at many craft and country shows throughout the year displaying her craft and supporting other local crafts people including demonstrating pyrography with both the Coppice Groups that she belongs to.

She has a love of trees and is a keen birdwatcher and photographer. All the artwork in her galleries are original pieces of pyrography – the images are drawn onto the wood and then the outlines and shading are burnt in. Inspiration for the artwork comes from a wide range of places including her own photography (she is always photographing trees!), source, pattern and guide books.

The galleries show the wide range of pyrography that Mandy has done, including commissions and house names. All the pyrography is for sale –  please use the galleries for ideas and designs, and then contact Mandy for further details. Any image can be drawn onto another individual and unique piece of British woods, but no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.

Please enquire

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Mandy can be found at these shows

Stop Press: At a date to be confirmed, the Dorset Coppice Group will be having a Taster Day at Bonsley Wood, Durweston (near Blandford). Bookings will be invited for pyro lessons! I’ll add this to the list of events when we know the date.